The protocol for asset-based financing

Pragmafy is a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure that enables borrowers, lenders as well as service providers to interact and execute collateralized financing transactions. Pragmafy’s initial focus is on the crypto industry itself, by delivering solutions for businesses seeking financing in crypto Real World Assets, such as mining equipment, data center infrastructure, and hardware required for different blockchain purposes.

Simple and transparent asset financing

Closing the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).


Pragmafy offers borrowers the ability to connect, integrate and execute asset-based financing transactions directly with lenders and lending protocols.


Through the Pragmafy protocol borrowers and lenders can execute their financing structures on-chain, including the loan contract and smart contract driven cash flows.


Lenders benefit from an ability to access asset-based financing opportunities directly within DeFi, these investment opportunities are almost exclusively covered by banks and specialist credit vehicles.


Creating a digital, direct and trusted way to connect borrowers and lenders.


Asset-based financing with liquidity from both TradFi and DeFi.


Enabling new yield opportunities through Real World Asset investments.

Our mission

Pragmafy believes in a simpler way of making business.

Pragmafy in the press

  • "First machine-backed $1M loan in DeFi transacted through the Pragmafy platform"

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  • "Pragmafy anuncia su primer préstamo DeFi por USD $1 millón respaldado por equipos de criptominería"

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  • "DeFi-Protokoll Pragmafy wickelt ersten maschinenbesicherten Kredit über USD 1 Mio. ab"

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  • "Pragmafy平台完成首笔基于智能合约的100万美元贷款"

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The Pragmafyers


Dimitrios Chatzianagnostou

Board Member

Chris Bruppacher

Association Chairman


Jochen Kassberger

CEO, Tokenfabrik

Jocelyne Royer

CMO, Tokenfabrik

Jan-Paul Buchwald

CTO, Tokenfabrik

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